About Us

We are Texas Pool Fence Company

We are all parents to children, and as such, we are passionate about keeping our pools safe, not just for our kids but everyone. Our work revolves around designing and installing safe and removable pool barrier fences and safety covers for pool owners in Texas and the surrounding areas. While a pool cover or fence is never a suitable substitute for our own eyes and supervision, these tools provide a safety net to prevent accidental drowning.

Our products include removable mesh pool fences, which have become the most trusted in the industry. Because of this, we have become known as passive protectors of children and pets around the community. Our designs, combined with the extra-strength and durability of the materials we use, provide a lifesaving tool around the pool!

With our products, we hope to give parents and families the peace of mind they need whenever there are children in the pool area. Throughout our years of experience, we continuously achieve our goals, and as a result, we have provided services to hundreds of homes. Our team consists of fully licensed and insured staff who take extensive training before serving with the top customer service that we expect of them every time.

We guarantee that our job is done professionally and performed to the best of our abilities. While doing so, we also take the time to educate parents about preventing pool drowning and other ways to protect our family from accidents in the pool area. Contact us at Texas Pool Fence Company for more details on how we can help your pool stay the way it was meant to be — fun, safe, and enjoyable!