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Installing pool fences at your home is an easy way to save you and your family from potential drowning and slip-and-fall accidents. With Texas Pool Fence of Dallas-Fort Worth, you can also save yourself from shoddy work and a stressful DIY project. Our team of skilled installation professionals has you covered!

Fast and Reliable Service

Texas Pool Fence of Dallas-Fort Worth can guarantee you fast and reliable installation services every time. Each member of our installation team is thoroughly trained to ensure high-quality craftsmanship for the safest, hazard-free pool fences possible.

Industry-leading Techniques and Practices

We keep all our staff up-to-date on new pool fence installation technologies and comply with Texas health and safety regulations to offer the best service to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We won’t steer you wrong.

Get a Permanent or Removable Pool Fence Today!

We at Texas Pool Fence of Dallas-Fort Worth can install both permanent and removable types — specifically mesh pool fences, aluminum pool fences, and wrought iron pool fences.

Removable Pool Fences

Our removable mesh fences for both pets and humans, created by Protect A Child, are installed with Protect A Child’s patented SecureSafe System.

Its patented Lock-in-Deck fence post installation technology can make your removable mesh pool fences feel just as secure as traditional permanent fences, while still giving you the ability to remove them any time. Its design prevents anyone without official installation and removal instructions from properly moving any of the posts.

We also use Protect A Child’s Point-Lock Secure Latch system, which effectively prevents the accidental unlatching and removal of your pool fences and gates.

Permanent Pool Fences

We design and install traditional aluminum and iron pool fences tailor-fit to your pool area and HOA’s specifications, while abiding by both Texas state and the local Dallas-Fort Worth area’s safety codes.

All-inclusive Installation Service

Texas Pool Fence of Dallas-Fort Worth provides all materials and equipment needed. Should your jurisdiction require it, we also offer assistance in securing permits for installing fences exceeding four feet in height.

All our pool fences come with self-closing and self-latching gates in accordance with Texas Health and Safety Code 757.

Custom Jobs Are Our Specialty

For an additional safety precaution, we also offer pool cover customization and installation services. Pool covers add an extra layer of protection to any pool.

No matter how unique your pool may be, or how tight your budget is, rest assured that we can work together to come up with the best solution to get the job done right.

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Don’t go it alone. A poorly installed pool fence made from low quality materials can be a waste of time and money. Get in touch with a Texas Pool Fence of Dallas-Fort Worth professional today for a free consultation and price estimate.