If you have a pool in Dallas-Fort Worth, you need to get an aluminum pool fence. Having an aluminum pool fence provides a low maintenance option that improves your pool’s appearance and safety.

Texas Pool Fence of Dallas-Fort Worth can quickly and efficiently install a high-quality aluminum fence around your pool.

Aluminum Fences Are Perfect for Pools

Most aluminum fences can be powdered coated for a sleek and colored finish. Because of this, you can easily match the base or accent color scheme of your property’s exterior.

Another great benefit to an aluminum pool fence is that it won’t rust or rot!

Pool Fences Reduce Accidents

Did you know that the second leading cause of death for children age 14 and below is drowning in residential pools? According to the CDC, pool fences can reduce that kind of accident by 83%.

Another issue that an aluminum pool fence can help prevent is a personal injury lawsuit. In fact, many insurance companies require pool fencing to avoid pool-related accidents.

Aluminum Pool Fences Reduce Stress

The problem with other pool fence materials is that they require tons of maintenance and can be difficult to install. If you plan to install one of our aluminum fences by yourself, you can do it without breaking a sweat. Our fences are strong and come with reliable locks and latches.

Durable Aluminum Fencing To Suit Your Needs

A properly installed fence from us is durable. You can expect that your toddlers, pets, and even you cannot rock them out of position. You can reliably grab on to them and keep you safe from falling or sliding.

And forget about bending aluminum. It is indeed softer and malleable than most metals. However, as bars or tubes used for fencing material, they cannot be bent easily.

Have the Peace of Mind You Deserve

As a reputable and dependable Texas Pool Fence provider and installer in Dallas and Fort Worth, we can guarantee that you can reap all the benefits of the aluminum pool fences mentioned above.

Currently, we offer two pool fence styles:

  • Specrail Aluminum Pool Fence: Specrail is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminum fences in the country. With their fences, we can provide you with a large variety of aluminum fencing styles.
  • AFS Aluminum Pool Fence Styles: AFS or Aluminum Fencing Supply provides high-grade powdered-coated aluminum fences. In addition, they come with a lifetime warranty!

Aluminum pool fencing is the right choice for your pool. If you want to know more about it or our services, give us a call.