Texas Pool Fence

Installing pool fences are a good way to keep your swimming pool pure fun and relaxation while keeping your loved ones safe from drowning and pool-related injuries.

An affordable but reliable option, mesh pool fences enclose your pool area without sacrificing visibility from inside and out. This makes it a perfect fit for pool-owners on a budget with small children and pets to supervise.

With Texas Pool Fence of Dallas-Fort Worth, you can be confident you are getting the best mesh pool fence possible. We use Protect A Child mesh pool fences that are proudly made in the USA and boast the following features:

  • Strength and durability: We use posts made of unbreakable composite fiberglass to secure our mesh pool fences in place. Each support post is created with a solid fiberglass core reinforced with a resilient fiberglass layer, making it virtually unbreakable.

It is also made with built-in color, ensuring your post color will never fade, chip, or flake off.

Resistant to bending, rusting, and corrosion, these fiberglass posts require little to no maintenance.

  • Gate options: In compliance with Texas Health and Safety Code, our pool fences come with ultra-reliable, self-closing, and self-latching gates. We use latches by Magna Latch that use powerful magnetic energy to draw the gate catch to them before latching securely.

You can also manually create 3-foot openings by simply unlatching the safety latch wherever the mesh fences connect.

  • Extra features: Texas Pool Fence of Dallas-Fort Worth mesh pool fence’s fiberglass posts always stay cool to the touch, even after hours of exposure to the summer sun. They are also non-conductive and do not require extra grounding near your pool.
  • Style options: Texas Pool Fence of Dallas-Fort Worth can customize your mesh pool fences according to your specific needs.

Style Options

Some of the style aspects include:

  • Colors: You can choose a single color or mix-and-match to complement or enhance your pool area.
  • Height: We can install Protect A Child’s four height options to help meet your safety needs, whether it be for small children or pets. The taller 4 ft. and 5 ft. options meet the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM)’s safety standards and comply with Texas residential pool regulations.
  • Deck cap options: Should you decide to remove your pool fences, our mesh pool fence installations come with deck caps for plugging leftover holes. They are guaranteed to stay in place through rough weather and cleaning, and come in four colors: desert tan, cool gray, terracotta red, and bright white.
  • Miscellaneous configurations: Is your pool area more than a simple flat space? Or do you require help fencing in something more complicated like a curving, multi-level backyard?

Texas Pool Fence of Dallas-Fort Worth can help you problem-solve, design, and install mesh pool fences that best address your concerns, whether it be slopes, sharp corners, curves, multiple steps, or installations on grass or dirt.

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We install each fence using Protect A Child’s patented Lock-in Deck technology, so only adults who know how they work can easily twist them in and out of place.

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