Pool Fences – Texas Pool Fence

Swimming pools are a valuable addition to any Dallas-Fort Worth home, especially during blazing hot Texan summers. Besides being a respite from the heat, it can also provide you and your family recreational and fitness activities without having to leave your home.

Unfortunately, swimming pools come with their own hazards, like pool-related injuries and drowning. Keep your pool experience worry-free with a quality pool fence. Pool fences are not only decorative, but can also serve as an extra layer of safety by keeping unsupervised children and pets out of your pool area.

Let our installation experts at Texas Pool Fence of Dallas-Fort Worth take care of your pool fence and cover needs. All of our pool fences and covers are compliant with local and state safety regulations to help keep your homes safer and liability-free.

We promise you expert craftsmanship and durable pool fences tailor-fitted to your specifications and budget.

Texas Pool Fence of Dallas-Fort Worth are professionally trained to install the following:

  • Mesh pool fences: Made of rust-free and durable stainless steel, these pool fences are low-maintenance and affordable. They provide an unobstructed view from in and out of your pool area, a perfect option for parents who need to supervise small children.

Texas Pool Fence of Dallas-Fort Worth’s mesh pool fences meet American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.

  • Wrought iron pool fences: An all-time classic, wrought iron pool fences offer your pool area both safety and visual appeal. Besides adding a classic, elegant touch to your home, our iron pool fences are also heavy-duty and will last you many years.
  • Aluminum pool fences: These pool fences are simple and affordable but very reliable. Our aluminum pool fences are rust-free and weather-resistant, therefore requiring less maintenance.
  • Pool covers: Texas Pool Fence of Dallas-Fort Worth also offers swimming pool covers customized to your pool’s shape and size. Give us a call to discuss which type of cover best suits your needs. Covering your pool can help with:
    • Keeping your pool clear of debris
    • Saving people from accidentally falling into the pool and drowning
    • Saving energy costs by keeping the water warm once the heater is turned off
    • Making your chlorine last by protecting it from the sun’s UV rays

In compliance with Texas residential pool regulations, all Texas Pool Fence of Dallas-Fort Worth pool fences are or exceed 48 inches in height and do not have any gaps more than four inches wide.

For a free pool fence estimate or further inquiries, contact Texas Pool Fence of Dallas-Fort Worth today.