We specialize in building Rod Iron Pool Fences in Dallas Fort Worth Texas

Worried about inadequate protection around your pool? We guarantee that the residential iron pool fence that we will supply and install for you is the toughest and most elegant piece of work in the entire state. We here at Texas Pool Fence of the Dallas-Fort Worth area understand how crucial it is for you to have a sturdy and reliable fence to keep your loved ones and guests safe from any potential incident that may happen within your pool and property.

In addition to your safety, our fences can turn your ordinary swimming pool into a luxurious and classy amenity that you and your kids will love to spend time in. Wrought iron, after all, is a very versatile material that we can utilize to create eye-pleasing designs you will surely love.

If you desire a speedy delivery, we have both residential and commercial-grade wrought-iron fences that are always ready for shipping. Our standard fences come in 8′ panel sections and have a glossy black finish, which will complement any property, yard, and pool.

Together with the fence, we can also include matching gates to help secure your pool’s perimeter and simultaneously give you a fancy decorated gate for access. Aside from our standard wrought-iron fences, we also have other style and size variations.

Don’t Neglect Maintenance

Do note that you need to maintain your fence to ensure that it will last you a lifetime. Of course, you do not need to check it every day. It is enough to inspect it once or twice a year for rust and chipped paint.

Maintaining your fence and dealing with rust and chipped spots are as easy as sanding down the rust and giving it a fresh dash of paint. Let it dry, and you can forget about the fence for another year. On the other hand, if you do not want to be bothered by it, you should let us supply and install your wrought-iron fence for more minimal upkeep.

With us, you can rest easy that our paint job is next to none when it comes to pool fences. Thanks to our top-notch powder coat technicians, it will take a lot of time before the weather in Texas gives our fence any significant wear.

Check Out Our Variety

Currently, we highly recommend two of our top 54′ high, wrought-iron fences for either residential or commercial spaces.

  • RPPF10 Residential: This is our standard wrought-iron fence for our residential customers. It has a traditional design that you would often see in most high-end housing in the country.
  • RPPF20 Commercial: This has the same design as the RPPF10, but it is sturdier and thicker. It is ideal for spaces that have a lot of people, preferably in resorts and hotels.

Get Your Iron Pool Fence!

Know that if you have a pool, you must have a fence for it. Remember that without proper protections in place, one can easily slip and fall into a pool, which may result in a drowning accident. Primarily, children are very prone to this kind of accident.

With our iron pool fence, you can effectively reduce the chance of anything bad happening in your pool or property. If you want to know more or get one installed in your pool now, give us a call.