Safety Pool Fence – Texas Pool Fence of Dallas-Fort Worth

Summers in Texas are hot! So it’s no wonder why having a pool is every homeowner’s dream in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. After all, not only do pools increase a property’s curb appeal, but they also provide enjoyment for the whole family. Kids especially love pools — yet many parents and adults are probably unaware that thousands of families suffer pool tragedies involving children every year.

Children Are at Risk for Pool Accidents

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)’s “Safety Barrier Guidelines for Residential Pools,” children younger than five make up around 75% of the estimated 390 fatalities that occur in pools and spas every year. What’s even more jarring is that most of these tragedies happen in pools owned by families, friends, or relatives of the victims.

How can you keep your kids safe if you have a pool on your property?

Protect Your Kids With a Safety Pool Fence

Minimize drowning incidents and pool injuries by giving us a call. We specialize in installing safety pool fences to keep your family protected. These barriers can provide homeowners and parents alike with an added layer of protection, allowing them some peace of mind while enjoying their pool even if the kids are around.

We Specialize in Safety Pool Fence Installations in Dallas-Fort Worth

Since safety is paramount, working with a professional safety pool fence installer like Texas Pool Fence of Dallas-Fort Worth can ensure that the safety pool fence erected within the property follows the U.S. CPSC’s guidelines for pool barriers. Aside from being compliant with state standards, our safety pool fence designs cannot be knocked down easily, guaranteeing a safe and sturdy perimeter around your pool. Moreover, these pool fences are also customizable and can be easily removed by adults when the need arises.

Don’t Let Your Children Be a Statistic

Your kids deserve the best, and what better way to show you care than by keeping them out of harm’s way? Work with Texas Pool Fence of Dallas-Fort Worth so your kids can stay safe instead of becoming another statistic.