Pros and Cons of Mesh Pool Fencing

If you are considering installing a pool fence, one option is to use mesh. Mesh fencing has become popular because it allows homeowners to enjoy the benefits of an in-ground pool while still keeping their children and pets safe. It does this by allowing air to circulate between the ground and the mesh, which can be helpful when it comes time for chemicals or water changes. However, there are some disadvantages that you should also consider before deciding on mesh as your best choice.


  • Mesh pool fences are more affordable than some of the alternatives; they allow air circulation between ground and fence that helps facilitate chemical changes without having to replace the pool liner as often; they do not require a complicated and expensive installation process.
  • Mesh pool fences are also lightweight so it is easier to move them if you ever need to change their location or add on more of an enclosure for your home.


  • Mesh pool fencing is more expensive than other types of fences. The materials that make up mesh pool fence can also be cumbersome to install and may require the professional assistance of a contractor in order for it to stay put.
  • Mesh will not keep your kids from falling into the water, should they slip while climbing over the top or happen to push through the mesh.
  • Mesh pool fencing is not as durable or long lasting as other options such as vinyl and aluminum, which can cause it to sag over time.

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